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My Teaching

Trainers with a strong back­ground in business experiences are in high demand for employee trainings. Therefore, my teaching activities have increased over the past few years.

My general training courses convey everything there is to know about software quality assurance at a fundamental level. They include topics, such as software test basics, test management, using benchmarks in software testing, and, of course, requirements management. These courses are available as bespoke courses to meet the specific requirements of my clients or as standard training courses to obtain a specific certification.

Many clients also value my tool courses, where I train in-house testers how to efficiently and effectively use test tools. These courses also cover problem tracking, test plans and test automation.

Due to my long-term experience in testing and teaching, I am often invited to give presentations at professional events or conferences. Please have a look at News to see, when my next presentation will take place.

Click here for details on in-house trainings.

I´m engaged as a lekturer at the FH Vienna - Projectmanagement & Information Technologies - for Requirements Engineering and Test.