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My Career

Since 1998, my professional attention has been focused entirely on software quality assurance.

Ever since that time, my occupational development has been defined by trainings, by my continued enhancement of my work skills, and by a vast number of projects for my clients.

The most distinct stages were:

1998 – 2003: Total Commitment

Analysed logistics processes in a federation-wide, decentrally operating logistics company. Had first experiences in aviation and SAP. Conducted pilot projects involving test tools and their implementation; defined standard process workflows, designed concepts, and developed a strong focus on risk analysis. Completed the Spice Assessor Training for ISO/IEC 15504:1998

2004 – 2007: Inside Knowledge

Organised my first projects with iSTQB (foundation level and test manager certifications); conducted my first SAP courses (Supply Chain Management); completed a vocational training on the specifics of SAP testing (integration and automation). Performed requirements and document analyses. Began in-depth studies of compliance and baselining. Obtained the iSTQB Test Analyst and ITIL certifications.

2008 – 2011: New Horizons

Studied requirements management and new methods for test automation; completed a coaching training. Familiarised myself with test outsourcing, test centre formation, QS environment analysis. Immersed myself in studies of project and change management; completed the certificate courses for CPRE-FL and QAMP. Obtained the Full Advanced Certificate from iSTQB; performed requirements analyses for the project plan of implementing a new custom software application. Evaluated and implemented test tools; defined test roles and test procedure artefacts in test environments; designed usage concepts and quality assurance processes. Managed new SAP projects again.

2011 - up to now: benefits of agile methodology

more project and change management, especialy agile methodologies and their impact on projects and users
Kanban and  Lean Management in diverent environments
definition of QS landscapes for international customers
testmanagement for huge geografic dislocated multi projects