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Training Courses

If you or your team want to improve their skills in quality assurance, training courses or workshops are a suitable way to do so.

I offer a wide range of training courses. All courses are conducted by
myself, some are held under the auspices of partner companies or

All courses can be held on-premises, if requested.

For example, I offer the following courses:

Basic Software Test Training Course

This course offers the basic training for future testers, who want to familiarise themselves professionally with the subject matter of testing:

  • The basics of software testing
  • Testing throughout the software lifecycle
  • The static test
  • Test case development methods
  • Test management
  • Test tools

Tester Training Course

Based on the Basic Software Test Training Course, this follow-up course for (future) testers involved in functional software tests covers the following topics:

  • Structuring of tasks defined in the test strategy
  • Detailed analysis of the system to meet quality requirements
  • System requirements evaluation
  • Appropriate measures and progress reporting
  • Technical test activities
  • Preparing test documentation for later evaluation
  • Using tools and techniques to obtain test goals

Test Manager Training Course

Based on the Basic Software Test Training Course, this follow-up course for (future) test managers covers the following topics:

  • Defining test goal hierarchies and strategies
  • Planning tasks, setting deadlines and tracing progress; documenting and organising the necessary activities
  • Choosing resources for the tasks, making them available and assigning them
  • Choosing members of the test team; organising and managing test teams
  • Organising communication within test teams
  • Organising communication with other stakeholders
  • Giving reasons for decisions and generating test documentation
  • Overview of test management tools

The topics of the above courses cover the requirements for iSTIQB Certification.